Biz Carlton - Taking Back My Name

You're probably wondering  why I made a website about myself...

Giant picture of Biz Carlton. It's here for a reason. Read on...

Giant picture of Biz Carlton. It's here for a reason. Read on...


The Story of the Biz Carlton Website

If you Google "Biz Carlton" the first result you'll get is a false story about me on a site that exposes cheating wives and husbands. If you do an image search for Biz Carlton, you'll see some mighty ugly shit. Oh, they're pictures of me - but they've been altered. Go ahead and Google. I'll wait.

See? Told you.

I didn't post the stories or photos and -- shocker -- I'd prefer that they didn't exist. But they do, and internet content, like diamonds and herpes, is forever. So, to counteract that ugly, false Biz Carlton material, I created this website. The goal: to have real images and my real story on the internet. Preferably as the first thing you see when you search for my name.


Here are Some Photos of Biz Carlton

I'm trying to change google search results here. That requires a lot of pictures and content.


And speaking of content, I'm going to have to use the phrase Biz Carlton a whole lot. That's how Google will eventually find the page and rank these images and words higher than the crap I'm trying to counteract. Does that even make sense? You'll just have to trust me. Biz Carlton.

Biz Carlton with Chipped Nail Polish. What? You've Never Had Chipped Nail Polish?

Biz Carlton with Chipped Nail Polish. What? You've Never Had Chipped Nail Polish?


Hey Biz, How Did Those Awful Things Wind Up Online Anyway?

Good question, random internet person.

I'm going to tell you a story and you can draw your own conclusions. How's that sound?

2 years ago, my new boyfriend's ex-girlfriend got wind of the fact that he was dating again. She started posting nasty comments on my Facebook photos from fake accounts, and she sent me some old photos of her and my boyfriend. Then it got even weirder. She started sending me pictures of herself, with things like "I'm damn sexy" written on them. And she commented on a bunch of his social media. And mine.  I got a slew of anonymous messages on my professional website. There were public social media posts directed at me that referenced karma and said that I 'wouldn't be around much longer.' There were text messages and tweets and tagging photos on Instagram and paranoid accusations about an army of online trolls, controlled by me, who were bothering the ex-girlfriend. Blog posts with lies about me popped up. Oh, and a shit-ton of weird pictures of me started appearing on the internet. The End. You can draw your conclusions now.

Biz Carlton Hat.JPEG

Biz Carlton isn't really a hat person.

But I loved the show Underground. It got cancelled. Sigh.


Did You Do Something to Deserve This?

I resent the tone of that question. But here's the story anyway.

When the ex-girlfriend first commented on my Facebook page, I wrote to her about it angrily. I even accused her of having a personality disorder, which was unkind and unnecessary and definitely pissed her off. I wish I'd had more compassion for her, but the truth is that she was going to be pissed off no matter what I did. Why was she pissed off? I don't know. She and my boyfriend had been apart for over a year before I started dating him - so it wasn't that. Maybe seeing him move on was painful to her be honest, I have given up trying to understand her motives for the cyberharassment. I've learned that trying to figure out irrational behavior is exhausting.

Over the past two years, both my boyfriend and I emailed her multiple times, asking or telling her to stop. In retrospect, we probably shouldn't have engaged with her at all. Would that have made a difference? Would it have ended the cyber-harassment? Maybe. We then tried ignoring her, but the texts, emails, social media posts and anonymous messages continued unabated. Nothing we did seemed to help. Ignoring her didn't make her stop. Emailing her didn't make her stop. Threatening her with legal action didn't make her stop.


More Biz Photos. I also go by Elizabeth Carlton, FYI. TMI?


Wow, That Must Have Sucked, Huh?


Well...yes. Yes it did. Being watched online for 2 years is very unnerving. I'm not used to having an enemy -- what normal adult has enemies? Enemies are for third-graders and Marvel superheroes, not grown women living in the real world.  Being cyber stalked constricts your world. Over time, it makes you hypervigilant, suspicious and fearful nearly all of the time. I spent nearly 2 years either battling some new post or waiting for the next bout of harassment to start. There were times when I felt I just couldn't take any more. I have struggled with Post Traumatic Stress for many years and had learned how to deal with its symptoms, but the cyber-harassment brought all of my PTSD symptoms back. And then some. In February, 2018 I entered an intensive outpatient program to deal with the PTSD.

Elizabeth Carlton

That's the end of the story, I guess. The end of the Biz Carlton website experiment. If you wanna help a Biz out, you can share this site on social media. It helps with the Google search results thing.

You can also visit the FAQ page.